Project 14: Wild West Costume Party Theme

Niche content scores highly in search algorithms when it is well crafted, finely tuned, and sharply focused.

This project is part of an attempt to explore a number of niches that have been identified. In this instance it is Wild West and Cowboy themed parties and costumes.

What – Project 14

A tightly focussed site consisting of well tuned copy, and affiliate links to products that fit the theme, inspiring visitors to explore the stereotypical Wild West theme for costumes and parties. Research and market surveys have shown that a “Wild West costume theme” is distinct from historically accurate pioneer or western styles.

The theme covers everything from the perceived Wild West era, in reality and from popular culture – whether it be movies, TV, books or historical record.

From ranchers and outlaws, to gunslingers and sheriffs, pioneers and frontiersmen  – all are fair game for the Wild West costume theme.

This is part of a set of projects, each focused around a specific niche, such as Steampunk, Victoriana or 1920s. The aim of the Wild West costume party theme microsite is to develop and use a set of tools, techniques and processes for creating and maintaining fresh, shareable content to drive affiliate link based sales. The Wild West costume theme includes costumes, accessories, music and other party necessities from a range of suppliers, curated into an attractive site with the minimum of ongoing effort.


Online through a hosted site ( publicised through Twitter and pinterest.


Ongoing, with focussed advertising and content refresh in the lead up to Halloween and the Christmas season when demand for costumes – including Wild West costumes – traditionally increases.


Self-hosted WordPress site, with appropriate product feeds drawn from affiliate sites, and manually sourced affiliate links to stores such as the Amazon store. The functionality of WordPress and of Twando are used to allow easy scheduling of updates to the site, and to social media. WordPress is secured by manual configuration, and through use of the Wordfence security plugin.


Regular review and tune up at least quarterly. Full 12 month cycle required to gauge the effectiveness of the process and project.

Feature Image: Studio portrait of three men as cowboys via

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