Project 3: “When Is Christmas Day?” Website

Christmas Day – so confusing.

Have you ever had difficulty remembering important dates, like Christmas Day?

Do you find all those reminder and calendar apps and web sites a bit overwhelming and filled with features you never use?

What – Project 3

This is a very silly, fun and simple project that we thought would be a hoot and are curious to see what kind of traffic it attracts: a streamlined, focussed web site to track a single date: Christmas Day.

Visit for all your festive date tracking needs.

At this point we’re keeping this purely as a ‘shits and giggles’ kinda project, but depending on how it goes we may look at ways to monetise it down the track. Right now though it’s just for our own amusement.

Follow “When Is Christmas Day?” on (Twitter) for updates. Yep. We’ll keep you informed of any changes to Christmas Day. 😉


Dedicated WordPress site and associated Twitter feed


Every day between now and Christmas.


Extensive research and cross-checking.


26th December

Image: Man with parcels – Jack Hickson via commons

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