Project 5: What Would Furiosa Do?

Riding on the blood soaked coat tails of the baddest war rig driver the outback has ever known. Ask yourself this, blood bag, what would Furiosa do?

She’d buy the damn t-shirt, and wear it with pride. Chrome.

What would Furiosa Do?
What would Furiosa Do?

What: Project 5

This is a fun, simple and easy to launch project with a tongue-in-cheek take on a new pop culture icon.


Merchandise (t-shirts and in future, wristbands) reading “What Would Furiosa Do?” The inspiration behind this was my love for the kick-ass character from Mad Max and how cool, quirky and funny it could be to have a WWFD sentiment made tangible.


Online only for now, with possibility to sell hard merch at gigs.


Timing here is key; this seems a project to launch relatively urgently given that there is a shelf life on hot pop culture topics and characters (unless Furiosa does indeed stand the test of time.)


We are kicking off with simple merch made through The downside? Zazzle isn’t cheap for customers. The upside? It is simple, quick and no-fuss to get our product up and running. I suspect, however, that for this to really take off we would need to either find a less expensive dropshipping service and promote it ourselves, and/or produce some hard products which we can distribute at gigs, etc.


In 6 months time.

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