Project 20: Viking Mama Merchandise

To support the upcoming Viking Mama Show, we have created a range of hand crafted upcycled Viking Mama merchandise for sale both online and offline.

What: Project 20 Viking Mama Merchandise

Viking Mama Merchandise
Viking Mama Merchandise – mash-up of old and new designs

Viking Mama merchandise for sale at the Viking Mama run in May 2015, and through the Etsy platform:

  • Individually upcycled t-shirts;
  • Hand made art prints with a Viking theme;
  • Smaller Viking themed merchandise;


Merchandise to be sold at the Viking Mama shows in May 2015 as well as through a new Etsy store dedicated to this purpose. As this is an adjunct to the live shows there is no real pressure to intensively carry out SEO for the Etsy store.

Any organic traffic that it generates through pure online means is a bonus. The intention at this stage is to drive traffic to the store using offline marketing and promotion.


Stock of Viking Mama merchandise is being assembled over the next few months, with designs added in batches as and when time permits. The aim is to have stock on hand of around 50 shirts with a range of colour schemes.

Current options immediately to hand are gold, black, grey, orange, blue and red.
Viking Tale - Totes


Old T-shirts are purchased from secondhand stores, garage sales and markets, and a Viking logo added in a range of colours. The logos are individually created, adapted and modified to fit the needs of this project then hand cut from plastic sheets and used as templates for acrylic spray paint.

The shirts are bought individually and designs applied by hand. As a result, every shirt is unique – the overlap and interplay between the original design and the new design is specific to each garment. Simplicity is key as the logo must be able to be easily reproduced.

The contrast between existing image and new image represents the clash of cultures; the disruption and invasion of the old world by the new; the way in which children irrevocably change the world into which they are thrust, for better or worse, forever more.

The differences in colour, hue and texture in the underlying design give the combined image different depths of colour and shade; a complex interplay of the old and the new, the planned and the unexpected, the serendipitous and the calamitous. Or something.

These images will fade when washed but that is an intended part of the aesthetic of the Viking Mama merchandise.

If successful, this same technique may be reapplied in another area – as merchandise for another show perhaps, or as a complete standalone project.

Art prints produced through combining original Viking inspired designs with upcycled works, framed in genuine Scandinavian style.


Success will be gauged based on the number of sales achieved after the Viking Mama show hits the stage.

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