On Action

“If I’d learnt one thing from travelling, it was that the way to get things done was to go ahead and do them. Don’t talk about going to Borneo. Book a ticket, get a visa, pack a bag, and it just happens.” Alex Garland, The Beach.

Action is one of the three pillars supporting any project.

Indeed, our primary motivation in undertaking this experiment was to inspire ourselves to just that: action. Without it, we would years from now, find ourselves looking back at “all those crazy ideas we’d had but that had never happened.

Ways to inspire yourself to action:

  • go public
  • make a list
  • make yourself accountable (buddy/partner up)
  • make a vision board/pinterest board/other tangible representative of your goal

“Today, not starting is far, far worse than being wrong. If you start, you’ve got a shot at evolving and adjusting to turn your wrong into a right. But if you don’t start, you never get a chance.”
Seth Godin, Poke the Box

Ways to stay the course:

  • deadlines
  • start before you’re ready
  • set tangible, measurable goals (SMART) along the way
  • track your progress EVERY day

“People have come to the erroneous conclusion that if they’re not willing to start something separate, world-changing, and risky, they have no business starting anything. Somehow, we’ve fooled ourselves into believing that the project has to have a name, a building, and a stock ticker symbol to matter.”
Seth Godin, Poke the Box

See Stephen Pressfield’s “Do the Work”

“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of one’s pants to the seat of one’s chair.” Kingsley Amis.