On Accountability

Accountability is one of the three pillars supporting any project.

(noun) the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.

Without being accountable, there is no driver to take action to complete the project once inspiration has arrived. There is no commitment to deliver on the promises of the initial idea. Accountability can be internal or external, or both.

Accountability means giving a project due care and attention because someone is expecting it to be finished, and finished properly.

Throughout the 101 Projects experiment we are holding ourselves accountable, and holding each other accountable. Many of the ideas are validated with other people – giving them an early insight into the process and the project. Setting their expectations makes us accountable to them.

Many of the ideas we are dusting off and working on during the 101 days are concepts that are half finished, half planned – half baked, even. Some have been started, and completed to a ‘proof of concept’ stage, but never refined or polished. Some have never moved beyond bullet points on paper, or a simple framework sketched in email.

Until committing to 101 Projects, we were never truly accountable for exploring them and completing them, much less delivering them.

This project – 101 projects in 101 days – changes that.

Image: Gist inspector, Mrs. Mary Betchner inspecting one of the 25 cutters for burrs before inserting it in the inside of a 105mm. howitzer at the Milwaukee, Wis. plant of the Chain Belt Co. Her son is in the army; her husband is in war work (LOC); via flickr commons