Project 6: Screw you, Caveman

The Paleolithic or Paleo diet is – rightly or wrongly – taking the world’s imagination by storm. What are the alternatives to the Paleo diet? What are Paleo adherents missing out on?

What: Project 7

This project is an Anti Paleo Diet recipe blog, featuring links to recipes and resources that are gloriously and shamelessly un-Paleo-friendly.

Our plan is to:

  • Gather together a list of ingredients that are generally agreed to be forbidden in a Paleo diet
  • Link to recipes that heavily feature the forbidden ingredients
  • Serve Google and Amazon adverts


An online blog at


Daily posts (scheduled in advance) posted for the first couple of weeks, followed by weekly posts (scheduled in batches once per month).


Tumblr allows us to schedule these posts, we will also be putting some related content ads on the blog.


Six monthly.

Image from page 366 of “History of the Pilgrims and Puritans, their ancestry and descendants; basis of Americanization” (1922), via commons

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