Project 8: Playlists for Board Games

Bring that added bit of ambience and atmosphere to your board game sessions with curated music playlists and recommendations, tailored to particular games and genres, from Clue (or Cluedo) to Colt Express; from Settlers of Catan to Star Wars X-Wing.


A set of curated music playlists on Spotify – or other music streaming services – that are individually tailored to set the right mood and atmosphere for specific board games. This starts with our own ever growing collection of family games, strategy games, card games, dice games and miscellaneous board games.

The initial pool of games to consider includes, in no particular order:

Clue or CluedoTicket To RideKing of TokyoForbidden DesertForbidden IslandSettlers of CatanCarcassonneTokaidoTakenokoMonopolyBetrayal At House On The HillPandemicLast Night On EarthZombicideOnce Upon A TimeColt ExpressSheriff of NottinghamCastle PanicStar Wars X-WingSmall World, Perudo, Roll for It, Sushi Go.


Self hosted WordPress site (, with links to a dedicated Spotify account used to manage and curate the playlists.


Updated periodically when we acquire new board games, or important new board games hit the market. Content is intended to be crowd-sourced. Once this hits its stride, this may just be a case of periodically approving new playlists or additions as they are upvoted by site visitors. There may need to be regular removal of stale links when content disappears from existing playlists.


Seeded initially with our own playlists used for ambience and atmosphere, with crowd-sourced additions for board games to which we don’t have access, or to add music that we missed. The site is to be funded through affiliate links to board games, gaming products and purchasable music.

Music is chosen based on a combination of general ambience, appropriateness to the board game theme and level of intrusiveness. It should be able to blend into the background, and not take centre stage. Music that is heavy on vocals is less appropriate for games that involve a lot of wordplay or verbal interraction (such as Dixit or Once Upon a Time).


Image: US Army Band practising in Brisbane, Queensland, 1942; via commons

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