Project 1: 101 Projects in 101 Days Web Site

101 Projects in 101 Days is the story of challenging ourselves to deliver on the promises and potential of the inspiration that strikes us.

The aim is to ship 101 projects in 101 days, with our logical first project being the launch of this very web site! Р

What – Project 001

We will use this site to document our projects, make promises, and deliver on them.

This site is about accountability.

This site is about inspiration.

This site is about action.

Follow our journey here.


Self-hosted WordPress installation with its own domain name (


Initially launched at the start of the project, and updated on a daily basis as each project is launched.


WordPress posts, linked to a Twitter feed.


Review content and traffic every 30 days, and at the end of the 101 projects. Individual posts will be updated as we review the projects to which they relate.

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